SDG Accord Reporting Q&A - for signatories only

Date First Broadcast Date 14 March 2019 11:00 - 12:00
Venue ZOOM
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SDG Accord Institutional signatories are invited to join us for a 'Question and Answer' session on the SDG Accord reporting for 2019.

The reporting will be open from Monday, 25th February 2019 - Monday, 1st April 2019. The webinar enables signatories to seek clarification or advice on filling in the survey.

The webinar will be recorded and available for viewing by other signatories. We also welcome the submission of questions prior to the webinar and we will look to answer them during the webinar if you are unable to attend.

SDG Accord Reporting Q&A

Event Terms

This webinar is for SDG Accord Institutional Signatories only.

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