Project set-up Training: Identifying Outcomes & Indicators (Monitoring & Evaluation Series)

Date 29 March 2018 09:45 - 16:00
Venue Edinburgh
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This is the first of three sessions within the Project Monitoring and Evaluation Series that will help practitioners to build a comprehensive knowledge of project evaluation from start to finish. More information on there series available here.

Aim of the Project set-up: Identifying outcomes and Indicators workshop

To help practitioners get to grips with the building blocks of project evaluation
Learning outcomes
At the end of this workshop you will be better able to:

  1. Understand the importance of outcomes and indicators
  2. Write clear outcomes for your project / organisation
  3. Set indicators to help measure whether you are achieving your outcomes
  • Welcome and introductions
  • What are outcomes?
  • Break
  • The “So What?” game
  • Weaver’s Triangle activities
  • Lunch*
  • What are indicators?
  • Break
  • Fit for purpose indicators
  • Conclusion and review
*Lunch is provided

This course, delivered by Evaluation Support Scotland, will help attendees identify and prioritise the outcomes and indicators at the core of your projects, and against which your projects will be evaluated. The training and supporting resources will help attendees ensure that everyone is on board with your evaluation process, and you have clear statements about the expected outcomes of your project or organisation.
The three sessions covering Project Monitoring and Evaluation series are:

The 3 sessions can be taken as individual stand-alone sessions (£180 per session for FHE representatives) or as a whole programme (£500 for FHE representatives).

Delivered by EAUC