SDG Accord Webinar 2 - Mapping and Reporting

Date First Broadcast Date 8 February 2018 15:00 - 16:00
Venue Virtual via zoom
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Mapping and Reporting on institutional SDG Progress

This is the second webinar we are facilitating regarding the SDG Accord, and it has a focus on mapping and reporting ahead of the UN High Political Forum in July.

Speakers include:

 - Jo Kemp, Green Impact Programme Manager at the National Union of Students
Jo will be talking about how the SDGs are being used in conjunction with Green Impact to expand participants' knowledge of sustainability and engage wider colleagues. Touching on how mapping SDGs can be incorporated into programmes already in use.

- Ola Goransson, Partnerships Coordinator, Outreach and Communication, Division for Sustainable Development, UN DESA
Ola will be talking about what the UN is doing to map and report on the SDGs. This will give a wider perspective on the SDGs and why it is important that Higher and Further Education institutions are starting to map their SDG work.

 - Neil Smith, Sustainability Manager, University of Bournemouth
Neil will be giving insight into how the University of Bournemouth is mapping and reporting on the SDGs.

The EAUC will also be discussing a proposed reporting mechanism for the SDG Accord. This webinar is aimed at institutions all across the world and at any stage in their SDG journey.

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SDG Accord Webinar 2

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