Whole Earth? Using an exhibition as a catalyst for innovation in HE (exchange webinar)

Date First Broadcast Date 10 May 2017 12:00 - 13:00
Venue Webinar via ZOOM
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This webinar chronicles Canterbury Christ Church University’s experience of hosting the highly successful Whole Earth? exhibition by the award winning photo journalist, Mark Edwards, which has toured universities in the UK and overseas.  It is underpinned by the notion that the ideas which students acquire at university today will permeate their professional lives and that developing a sustainability mindset in crucial in addressing current planetary problems.

Why should I attend?
The webinar is aimed at tutors and students from all subject disciplines in the belief that sustainability is a matter which concerns everybody.  It focusses on an unusual but effective way of building sustainability awareness. 

Who is this webinar for?
University and HE tutors will be particularly interested in finding out how an exhibition can serve as a catalyst for course and module innovation.  Even more fundamentally, Whole Earth? seeks to galvanize students into asking questions about their courses and the way they are presented.

What key learning outcomes will I take away from this webinar?
  • A deeper understanding of how sustainability relates to all disciplines and areas of study.
  • An appreciation of how an exhibition can serve as a catalyst for change and course development.
Competency Level
  • Developing an appreciation of how sustainability thinking applies to all subject disciplines.
  • Considering how to implement change and innovation in a specific discipline area.
  • Implementing course innovation and change.


Dr Stephen Scoffham has worked for many years promoting sustainability within the academic portfolio at Canterbury Christ Church University-CCCU. In his role as a Visiting Reader he has written widely on sustainability and education. Stephen is a leading member of the Geographical Association and President elect (2018-19). His research interests include creativity, international understanding and primary geography education.
Dr Adriana Consorte-McCrea works with Education for Sustainable Development since 2012 at CCCU, where she is a lecturer since 2004. As part of the Futures Initiative team she provides support to academic staff and students on projects that propose to embed sustainability related issue into the curriculum. As a conservation biologist her research focuses on how people relate to biodiversity and to the conservation of native wildlife, including the role of zoos in forming attitudes. 
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