Green Labs Why, what, how, and next? (Green Gown Award webinar)

Date First Broadcast Date 19 October 2016 12:00
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Why should I attend?
This webinar was led by Martin Farley, Research Efficiency Officer at King's College London, who won the Sustainability Professional Award at the 2015 Green Gown Awards for his work pioneering innovative projects in a largely untapped area of sustainability - laboratories.

The introduction of this webinar is a good summary for those unfamiliar with the field of green science. The webinar also highlights some projects underway, and take a look at the wider directions of science and how sustainability may be integrated.

Who is this webinar for?
Anyone with a job related to scientific research, or in sustainability with an interest of integrating their work into research spaces.

What key learning outcomes will I take away from this webinar?
Why science is a crucial area for sustainability, what are some of the projects we work on, how we achieve it, and what might be next in the field!

Martin Farley, Research Efficiency Officer at King's College London

French/American with a bachelors (McGill, CA) and Masters in biology (Leiden, NL), Martin worked as a technician in the U.S. before working in the Netherlands on cardiac stem cell differentiation. He moved to the UK to take up the UK’s first HE lab sustainability post, which he now works on full time through King’s College London and his company (Green Lab Associates). He is passionate about sustainability, and truly wants to see it integrated into research and clinical practice.


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