A Living Labs Dialogue (EAUC Webinar)

Date First Broadcast Date 24 August 2016 12:00 - 13:30
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LiFE Frameworks: Learning & Teaching, Student Engagement, Community and Public Engagement

With the support of our members, the EAUC has launched a national project on Living Labs. We invite academics, operational staff, and students from all institutions to learn more about Living Labs and have a discussion on how we can use this concept to improve sustainability on campuses and in communities.

Why should I attend?
This webinar aims to initiate an open dialogue on the EAUC Living Labs project. The session will first hear from some institutions at different phases of their Living Labs projects, and then digress into a wider dialogue about the benefits and methods of developing/expanding Living Labs at institutions across the UK.

Who is this webinar for?
This webinar is for students and staff (both operational and academic) interested in learning and discussing how we can bridge the gap between the curriculum and the sustainable development of campuses and local communities.

What are the key learning outcomes?
  • An understanding of the concept of a Living Lab.
  • An opportunity to learn from, exchange knowledge, and connect with others who are interested in Living Labs.
  • Participation in open dialogue on the EAUC’s national Living Labs project

Competency Level
This webinar is a dialogue and knowledge exchange that people of all levels are welcome to join. Whether your institution already has a Living Lab or not.

12:00–12:15 – Introduction and outline of the EAUC Living Labs project
12:15–12:25 – Discussion of the University of Cambridge's Living Lab
12:25–12:35 – Discussion of the University of Edinburgh's Living Lab
12:45–13:25 – Open dialogue and Q&A
13:25–13:30 – Final updates and close

Hassan Waheed, Researcher, EAUC - Hassan is responsible for the EAUC’s Living Labs and Sustainability Mapping projects, which aim to support UK universities by helping them to adapt a whole institution approach for sustainability.

Emily Dunning, Living Laboratory for Sustainability Coordinator, University of Cambridge - Emily supports the development of academic projects, summer internships and other opportunities for students and staff to contribute to making the University more environmentally sustainable through Cambridge’s Living Lab for Sustainability.

Dave Gorman, Director of Social Responsibility & Sustainability, University of Edinburgh



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