The Carbon Scenario Tool - Webinar

Date First Broadcast Date 30 June 2016 13:00 - 14:00
Venue Webinar via WebEx
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The Carbon Scenario Tool has been developed as a joint funded project between the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish Funding Council. The tool was designed principally to manage, report and forecast carbon emissions for the University’s estate and operations. It contains the facility to produce both a forecast based on known estate changes and also a less data-intensive scenario, based on growth patterns in student and staff numbers and floor area.

A blank version of the tool is available for use by other higher and further education establishments. The outputs of the Carbon Scenario Tool enable organisations to better understand the drivers of carbon emissions from their operations and help inform Climate Change plans, as well as strategic decisions regarding investment in future estate and the impact of potential projects.

This webinar, funded by EAUC-Scotland and the University of Edinburgh and led by Clare Wharmby from Carbon Forecast Ltd., provided an introduction to the tool background, structure and capabilities and a live demonstration of how to build a carbon scenario.

Downloadable Documents

Please find below a copy of the slides and the demonstration version of the tool used in the webinar. As soon as the blank version of the tool is available for circulation we will add a link to its location.


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