Sustainability Qualities: Learning not Listening (Green Gown Award Webinar)

Date First Broadcast Date 22 June 2016 12:00 - 13:00
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LiFE Framework: Learning and Teaching

This session explored what teaching ‘sustainability’ might look like in the Humanities, and considered if supporting students to actively know-with (not passively know-about) can create sustainability literate graduates.

Why should I attend?
In light of our current global situation, recent critiques of Higher Educational pedagogical processes have called for dramatic reconsideration of traditional methods. However, responses to these calls are concerned that changes could cause systems to diminish in rigor and that methods would be less robust.

If you are unsure how to create effective, vigorous change, this session could help you. During the session we explore new methods of engaging students to take control of their learning and become confident, productive researchers in the real world.

Who is this webinar for?
Anyone who is interested in this webinar can attend but those with the following specific roles should find this webinar extremely beneficial:
> Anyone involved with engaging staff and students in sustainability
> Lecturers of subjects in the Humanities

What key learning outcomes will I take away from this webinar?
> To inspire the use of new methodologies in HE teaching

Luci Attala, Programme Director, Anthropology

Luci Attala is a Lecturer in Anthropology at University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, Associate Lecturer in Health and Social Care with the Open University and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Her research interests are underpinned by a focus on materialities with specific attention afforded to the coalescing themes of incorporation, ingestion and the becomings of eco-logical bodies. Luci is currently exploring engagements with water in rural Kenya, Spain, Bali and Wales, and considers water’s part in organizing human bodies and social behaviors. In addition her work, maps the flows of water through various bodies (including botanical ones) and thus also reconsiders orthodox understandings of plant - human interactions within the body and within other/wider environmental settings. Luci’s work in Kenya was recognized in 2014 by the United Nations with the receipt of a Gold Star Award, and in 2015 she received the Green Gown Award as Sustainability Champion in Higher Education.



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