EAUC-Scotland Conference

Date 17 November 2015 09:30 - 17:00
Venue John McIntyre Conference Centre, University of Edinburgh, 18 Holyrood Park Rd, Edinburgh, EH16 5AY

A Shared Responsibility

EAUC-Scotland will be holding their third conference on the 17th November 2015, sharing examples, ideas and opportunities for Colleges and Universities working to develop and promote sustainability within their institution.

The conference theme, A Shared Responsibility, highlights that for effective change sustainability action is not only needed by estates teams, but also academic and support staff, senior management and students, and requires engagement with local and national partners and other further and higher education institutions.

BOOKINGS CLOSE ON 13TH NOVEMBER. Contact us if you intend to book but cannot do so before this date.


The 2015 EAUC-Scotland Conference will examine the shared responsibilities and opportunities surrounding tertiary education sustainability at a range of scales.

Starting at the institutional level, delegates will have the opportunity to attend a range of workshops examining different aspects of employing a whole-institutional approach through case studies of projects currently happening in Scotland. How best do we engage individual staff, students, or senior management? What is the role of physical estate development in sustainability? And where does teaching and learning fit within an institution’s sustainability journey?

The afternoon discussions will consider responsibilities and opportunities on a national level, between tertiary education institutions and also key partners. What can we learn by sharing our strategies? What tools are available to support institutions? How can institutions work better with suppliers to ensure sustainability? And where does the employability of our students following their educational experiences link to what we do on the ground?

Our final plenary session will consider the global level – what can we learn from the tertiary education sector in other countries, their sustainability priorities, and how they engage with other organisations on a local and national level?

Find out more about the programme on our conference webpage.


The EAUC work hard to organise sustainable events. This event is accessible by public transport, and the University of Edinburgh and the venue itself has a stated commitment to sustainability. Find out more on our conference webpage.
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