Carbon Reporting - How was it for you?

Date First Broadcast Date 7 October 2014 15:00
Venue Webinar
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Lucideon will be running a free webinar on Tuesday 7 October at 3pm (UK time) - ‘Carbon Reporting – How was it for you?'.

"The focus of many companies has recently switched from carbon to energy. We considered it would be wise for a moment to dip back into the carbon reporting arena as a refresher and to provide an update on the Mandatory Carbon Reporting programme introduced by the government (MCR).

Our webinar, run by Shaun Bainbridge, Director - Assurance, will briefly discuss the basics of a carbon footprint before going on to explore MCR in more detail, looking back on the first year of reporting and how it has affected our clients."

Topics covered will include:
• What is a carbon footprint?
• International standards for carbon footprints
• Mandatory carbon reporting – key facts
• Mandatory carbon reporting – feedback from first year.
• Adding value by carbon foot printing
• The risks of misreporting a carbon footprint
• Q and A session

Places are limited so register your interest here today.
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