Jisc 4: Efficient buildings

Date First Broadcast Date 29 January 2014 12:00 - 13:00
Venue Webinar via Webex
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How does Green ICT help to make a building more energy efficient?

In tackling the carbon and wider environmental impact of universities and colleges, the place that the physical estate has on those impacts cannot be ignored. Much of the low hanging fruit in terms of building performance improvements have already been gathered, such as improved lighting, heating controls, boilers and insulation. However there are places where ICT can be applied to make more efficient use of the campus buildings.

• Colin Pattinson, Leeds Metropolitan University
A Jisc funded project at Leeds Metropolitan University has been exploring the possibilities of creating a dialogue between the Building Management System (BMS) and the universities’ timetabling system. This work has shown up areas of heavy energy use (both in electricity consumed and its cost) where suitable investment is timetabling changes and to the BMS can reap dividends. This webinar was an opportunity to discuss how this project’s approach could have applications in other institutions.

• Richard Jackson, University College London
The webinar also featured University College London and their CarbonBuzz project. The CarbonBuzz database can be browsed for free without the need for registering or logging in; participating users and practices can register and start using CarbonBuzz for free at any time. Once a project template has been created, users can add multiple records to these, each representing an annual energy record for the project. 


Webinar recording 

Please note, the video of UCL's case study played on the webinar is best viewed below rather than via the webinar recording.

Jisc guide: Efficient Buildings: tailored heat and light 

Introduction by Rob Bristow, Jisc

Presentation: Colin Pattinson, Leeds Metropolitan University

Video: Richard Jackson, University College London

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