Going the extra Mile: sustainable community engagement (exchange)

Date First Broadcast Date 28 August 2013 12:00 - 13:00
Venue ‘Webinar via WebEx’
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LiFE Framework: Community and Public Engagement

A short webinar focusing on De Montfort University’s Square Mile project. David Hollis, the Operations Manager, Square Mile Project from De Montfort University will be exploring established ways in which tertiary education institutions engage the communities around them in teaching and research.

The webinar will also aim to provide a definition of sustainable community engagement and explore how institutions can support areas of deprivation by focusing their resources.

Recorded Webinar

Sharing excellence

As the ethos of the Green Gown Awards is to ensure the lessons and examples of good practice are shared within the sector, we are working hard with the partners of the Awards to ensure this information is disseminated far and wide. The EAUC is delighted to share the good practice from this International winning entry from the 2012 Green Gown Awards Social Responsibility category as a new ‘exchange’ webinar.

View all of the case studies and videos from the Green Gown Awards 2011 and 2012 on the Sustainability Exchange.

A key part of the Sustainability Exchange is encouraging dialogue and sharing of ideas and approaches whether through resources, forums or other online methods. This webinar is part of our range of 'exchanges' which are short, free, lunchtime webinars on a variety of interesting topics, hosted by the Sustainability Exchange.

Going the extra Mile: sustainable community engagement (exchange)

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