Paper efficiency in packaging (exchange)

Date First Broadcast Date 5 June 2013 15:00 - 15:30
Venue Webinar via WebEx
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In Europe, packaging accounts for almost half of all paper and board use. Some of this provides vital functions of protecting goods from damage and exposure to the elements. Packaging also conveys information, from brand messages to nutritional data and instructions for users. It is undoubtedly useful, yet its utility is short-lived as it is often disposed of by customers on the day of purchase, resulting in a huge component of domestic and many commercial waste streams. Many companies are therefore seeking to reduce the environmental and social impacts of packaging, and discovering the opportunities for financial savings that packaging efficiency can bring.

This webinar explored some examples of how smart design can maintain or even enhance the functions of a package while using less material. It also looked at how the benefits of packaging efficiency are felt across society.

Target audience
Environmental and sustainability managers, and those with procurement responsibilities in organisations that use large amounts of paper, and staff responsible for waste management.

Why watch the webinar
This Paper Efficiency Project (PEP) helps you to understand the scale of the impacts of packaging use in the UK, and suggested very practical ways to reduce these impacts. It also challenged the idea that reductions in packaging reduce the opportunities for brand messaging and consumer information.

The webinar included a case study presented by Jane Skelton, Packaging and Print Technology Manager for Sainsbury's, one of the UK's major supermarket chains.

Webinar Video

Examples of packaging efficiencies
More on paper utility
European Environmental Paper Network

• Mandy Haggith, Co-ordinator of the European Environmental Paper Network, a coalition of 70 environmental and social organisations concerned to transform our paper use and production to be sustainable
• Jane Skelton, Sainsbury's Packaging and Print Technology Manager

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