The Sustainable University (exchange)

Date First Broadcast Date 5 June 2013 12:00 - 13:00
Venue Webinar via WebEx
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Towards the sustainable university

This webinar was based on a new book ‘The Sustainable University – progress and prospects’ which seeks to both challenge higher education and inspire positive change through exploration of the rich notion of the sustainable university, and illustrate pathways through which its potential can be realised, based on the experience and journeys to date of ten leading Higher Education institutes in the UK.

Whilst it is true that there is a growing response in higher education to the sustainability agenda, in most cases this is characterised by better environmental standards in campus management and some revision of selected courses and curricula. This is an important but as yet insufficient response measured  against a background of mounting and profound sustainability related issues, as laid out in a number of high level international reports timed to coincide with last year’s Rio+20 Earth Summit.  Rather, an integrative whole institutional response is called for, which offers renewal and direction to both policy and practice in universities – embracing all areas including governance and leadership, research, learning and teaching, campus operations, community relations, wellbeing, student experience, and organisational learning and change.

The webinar outlined some of the main arguments and conclusions of the book, and invited discussion. 

‘Will universities offer the intellectual leadership needed to shift our civilisation off its self-destructive course and on track for a sustainable future? Obviously they can, if they so choose.’

  - Sara Parkin, the founder Director of Forum for the Future, Foreword, The Sustainable University – progress and prospects.

Sterling, S, Maxey, L and Luna, H (2013) The Sustainable University – progress and prospects, Abingdon: Routledge.

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The webinar was presented by the author of 'The Sustainable University' Professor Stephen Sterling. Stephen is also the Head of Sustainability Education at Plymouth University.

A key part of the Sustainability Exchange is encouraging dialogue and sharing of ideas and approaches whether through resources, forums or other online methods. This webinar is part of our range of 'exchanges' which are short, free, lunchtime webinars on a variety of interesting topics, hosted by the Sustainability Exchange.


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