Paper utility: the quickest way to paper efficiency (exchange)

Date First Broadcast Date 10 April 2013 15:00
Venue Webinar via WebEx
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You know you need to use less paper, but where do you start? Paper is used for so many different purposes it can be baffling to know where you will get most benefit from efficiency efforts. The concept of ‘paper utility’ can help.

This 30 minute webinar introduced the Paper Utility Matrix and presented some examples of how it works. It helped focus your paper efficiency initiatives so they will have most impact.

Why attend
By analysing paper consumption in terms of both volumes and function, the EEPN's Paper Utility Matrix can help you to work out which papers are really useful to your organisation and which ones are costing you money and causing most environmental impact, without actually serving a valuable purpose. This will enable you to target efficiency efforts without reducing the many benefits of paper for education, entertainment, commerce, health and sanitation.

Participants in this webinar had the first opportunity to get access to the Paper Utility Matrix factsheet, the first in a series of useful tools being produced by the EEPN's paper efficiency project.

3.00 Introduction by the European Environmental Paper Network co-ordinator, Mandy Haggith
3.05 The Paper Utility Matrix, introduced by Jim Ford, Climate for Ideas
3.20 Questions and answers
3.30 Close

More on Paper Utility Matrix, including factsheet
Survey on paper utility:
European Environmental Paper Network:


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