Effective environmental reporting (exchange)

Date First Broadcast Date 21 November 2012 12:30
Venue Webinar via Webex
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This webinar covered some of the issues associated with the gathering of environmental performance data as well as the communication of this information to a number of different recipients.
It was a 35 minutes verbal / visual presentation with 5 minutes for questions and answers.

The material covered aimed to improve with the collection and presentation of data, the accuracy and relevance of information, and the communication medium and message.

This topic is aimed at those new to the role of communicating sustainability, carbon, energy, or other environmental impacts of their organisation with particular focus on the higher / further education sector. The presentation may also appeal to those wishing to expand the range of audiences engaged effectively and communication methods used.

A key part of the Sustainability Exchange is encouraging dialogue and sharing of ideas and approaches whether through resources, forums or other online methods. This webinar is part of our range of 'exchanges' which are short, free, lunchtime webinars on a variety of interesting topics, hosted by the Sustainability Exchange.

Recorded Webinar

Supplementary Case Studies

Leeds University Corporate Reporting Article https://www.leeds.ac.uk/news/article/2696/doing_good__or_just_talking_about_it

Guardian Article Corporate Reporting

Example of Writing To The Audience
This report is aimed at the senior management team (SMT), though the report is now in the public domain. I think the waste section is quite good info for an SMT audience and the CO2 pie chart on page 13 can be quite powerful.

Writing For The Unengaged
This is an informative summary of activity that is short and fairly effective. It uses a strong rhetorical style (with 'success' used 7

Examples of data
Though more explanation might be required, this data is presented in a clear, readable manner.

Interactive format example

Report as a video

Use of Graphics To Support Presentation

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