Topic Support Network: Promoting Positive Behaviour

Date 11 July 2012 10:00 - 16:00
Venue University of Edinburgh
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This topic support network was established in summer 2010 to develop a network of interest in promoting positive behaviour across the HE and FE sector. Achieving long-term changes in the behaviours of individuals is a vital part of sustainable development and we look at how to unlock pro-social and pro-environmental behaviours amongst individuals within institutions. Universities and colleges have a prime opportunity to engage in this area due to the thousands of students that pass through their doors each year.


This meeting provide a communications and staff/student engagement masterclass.

We are very happy to welcome Joseph Farthing from The University of Edinburgh/Transition Edinburgh University to deliver a practical, hands on workshop that will give you the skills to succeed in the difficult field of community-based engagement for behaviour change.

Joseph will take you from your key aims and develop a tailored communications and engagement solution to match your situation. Joseph will advise on how you can set up your own systems to monitor and improve your campaign and meet your goals.

What to bring: All you need for this training is an idea that you would like to see developed at your institution.

After lunch there will be the opportunity to share your experiences with the group and learn from others activities within their institution.

Location: Lorimer Room, Old College, University of Edinburgh. Please click here to view the map.

Time: 10.00 - 15.00

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**This event is now fully booked, however due to demand we will be running this training again later in the year. If you would like a place at the next event please contact Alex at**

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