Universities and Colleges in Scotland are first whole sector to join Electronics Watch

For the first time in any country, a whole sector of public bodies has j...
For the first time in any country, a whole sector of public bodies has joined Electronics Watch in unity - and it's the FHE sector!

Electronics Watch is an independent monitoring organisation working to achieve respect for labour rights in the global electronics industry through socially responsible public purchasing in Europe. It was founded in 2013 as the result of a European Commission funded project to drive for improvements in labour standards in the IT industry, specifically across pubic buyers. The group is set up specifically to provide means for public buying organisations across Europe to embed measures to identify labour issues in their IT supply chains and drive the necessary improvements.  The Scottish HE/FE sector was fundamental in the establishment of EW, and APUC, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Aberdeen were founding Members.

All 44 Universities and Colleges in Scotland have become full affiliate members of Electronics Watch, facilitated via their membership of APUC. 

APUC, as the Procurement Centre of Expertise for all Universities and Colleges in Scotland, is working closely with their member institution’s ethical objectives. The joining of the 19 HEI and 25 FEI demonstrates the push within the sector in Scotland to achieve a transparent and fair supply chain for the products sourced.

Find the full press release and details from APUC to download from this page.
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