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Company Description

Salix Finance Ltd is an independent, publicly funded company dedicated to providing public sector organisations throughout England, Wales and Scotland, with interest free, capital investment funding for energy efficient projects. Salix loans help public sector clients benefit from continual, long-term energy cost savings and C02 emissions.

Sustainability Statement

Salix Finance has worked with over 703 separate Public Sector Bodies since the start of funding. In the past year alone across all schemes Salix funded 2,048 projects, worth £48.8m, which will save £13.2m and 62,700 tonnes of CO2 annually. Over the lifetime of these projects, the energy bill savings are expected to be £182.8m and CO2 emissions will be 844,300 tonnes lower.

Recent Projects

Salix have developed a large suite of different public sector client case studies, that show you how clients have used our 100% interest free capital finance, benefited from our in-house technical expertise and taken advantage of our dedicated client support. For further information on each of the case studies, please go to

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