Salix College Energy Fund

In partnership with Salix Finance, the EAUC is delighted to announce the release of a third fund of funding for energy efficiency and carbon reduction projects in Further Education (FE) colleges in England and Wales.



New round of funding launched for colleges in England

Continuing the success of Salix's previous work in the education sector and the successful first round, the funding is intended to act as a further catalyst for investment in energy efficiency technologies which will reduce carbon emissions and create financial savings.

EAUC CEO Iain Patton said, ‘Saving the public purse £11 Million and increasing Member Colleges' energy efficiency is at the heart of what the EAUC is all about. Students learn not just from their teachers but from the behaviour and operations they see all around them at college. The EAUC partnership with Salix is positive and powerful on many fronts.”

This development is also supported by the Association of Colleges; "This is great news for FE Colleges and we are grateful to the Salix team for their continued support and this additional funding is very welcome. 30 Colleges secured Salix funding in the last round and we hope many more will take advantage this time. We are pleased to be working in partnership with EAUC on many important initiatives such as this,” Ian Munro, Regional Director.

View the Salix College Fund Guide for more information about Salix, project types, steps to apply and technology ideas.

Programme eligibility
Any FE College who receives a majority of their income directly from the public sector can apply for funding (6th form colleges eligible).

Early applications are welcome and projects will be assessed on submission and funding awarded as soon as projects are passed.

Project compliance criteria
• A maximum 5 year payback period [Note 1]
• Less than £100 per tonne of CO2 over the lifetime of the project
• Projects over £100,000 require a Salix Business Case

The loan will be paid back to Salix directly by direct debit on a 6 monthly basis over a period of 4 years. To download a full copy of the FE college application notes, please click here.

Programme timelines
Salix are accepting applications until January 2016.

How to apply
To apply, please follow the easy online application process by clicking the link below and if you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected].

► Apply online

 Find out more

How to apply webinar - podcast and presentation slides are now available

We held a free webinar for Colleges to find out more about the Fund and to learn how to apply with some useful hints and tips - the podcast is now available ►

Case studies

Note 1 – Where projects exceed the maximum payback criteria, applicants are welcomed to contribute to the overall cost in order to make the project compliant.

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