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World-class talent and tuition demand nothing less than first class facilities. At the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland we believe that excellent facilities support excellent performances and that’s why we value them. We have two specially designed campus buildings in the centre of Glasgow that meet that challenge and we do it with the environment as one of our priorities.

Here are the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, we are continually exploring innovative products and processes that save energy and prolong the life cycle of our equipment.

Energy Monitoring and Management

In order to monitor PIR water detection, we have installed individual W/C sensors and tap basin sensors. This reduced our water usage by 48% in the first year and a further 2% second year. Our LED replacement program consisted of the removal of older lamps such as incandescent lamps, T8 fluorescent fittings, halogen down lights. We also installed a number of Variable Speed Drives in order to reduce the speed of our Air Handling Systems, this allows the system to run at a lower kilowatt hour rating this saving money and increasing the lifecycle of the motors and belts a reduction of 160,000 kwh per annum. Smart TRV sensors were installed; these TRV’s have functionality timers built in along with a temperature drop sensor to monitor and control individual room temperatures.

Energy Monitoring Processes & Practices

We utilise online software to determine trends of our energy consumption, we can pin point high usage via the half hourly data from our energy suppliers. We have also upgraded to a Building Management System. With this software we can enhance the control of our building including heating/cooling levels, fan speed settings, filter cleaning and more.

Waste Management

Food waste management & recycling is a priority for everyone at the Conservatoire, including staff, students and visitors who all contribute to the recycling policy. Throughout the campus there are clearly signed recycling bins from food and general waste, to clothing, books and household goods. Where appropriate, staff are encouraged to cycle to work or use public transport or even car share with colleagues from the Conservatoire or other HIE in the city of Glasgow. Working with Glasgow City Council and our partner Cyclescheme, we now have a large cycle parking shelter and more staff and students than ever peddling in to the city.

The Sustainability Forum has been launched and in its first year the Forum has worked with Glasgow School of Art to combine our Car shame scheme, we are working towards a joint environmentally friendly Freshers Fayre with a focus on sustainable living. Projects, with the support of the Estates Team, include the development of wildflower gardens using flower bombs, visits from the FoodBus to show students (and staff) economical ways of using kitchen leftovers and how to be more energy efficient in the kitchen. There is also a drive to encourage student not to dispose of their unwanted household good when they leave Halls or when they graduate and leave the City. A drop of point for duvets, pillows, kitchen utensil, rugs and other items has been a huge success.

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