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Voted ‘number one in London for its environment on and around campus’ , University of Roehampton is striving to improve its environmental performance.

Staffing and Organisation

This year Roehampton has formed an Environmental Team within the Property & Facilities Management Department. It includes a new full time Environmental Manager appointed in March and a new Energy Coordinator appointed last October. Roehampton is participating in the current phase of EcoCampus and in the nationwide Defra funded NUS Degrees Cooler programme. They attained Fair Trade status earlier in the year.


Roehampton is fortunate to have a biologically diverse campus which includes 2 small lakes and woodland. They are sited adjacent to Richmond Park, which has been designated as both a National Nature Reserve and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Species present include bats, badgers, stag beetles, herons and newts. Proposed projects include the restoration of an old orchard and the establishment of university beehives.


Thanks to Salix loans totalling more than £½ million, Roehampton is currently working on a range of energy saving projects. A project to improve metering is nearing completion. Voltage optimisation equipment was installed in two of our four Colleges over the summer – resulting in a c.10% reduction in electricity bills. Installations will be completed at the other 2 Colleges over Christmas. Roehampton has also signed up for the nationwide 10:10 Climate Change Campaign and for 50% of their electricity supply to be ‘Green Energy’.

Environmental Awareness Raising

Last year Roehampton established a team of staff and student Environmental Champions. Roehampton is unique in that their Champions attend a full day of training and are awarded a nationally recognised professional Certificate in Environmental Awareness by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. Champions will play a key role in the Green Impact Project which forms part of the Degrees Cooler Programme aiming to improve environmental behaviour in the Higher Education sector.


In recent years Roehampton has installed over 100 covered cycle storage spaces thanks to Transport for London (TfL) funding. They have a Travel Options Guide to encourage staff and students to use more environmentally friendly modes of transport. They are also the first University to benefit from TfL’s £20,000 Corporate Package which will enable us to develop a Travel Plan. October saw the launch of RU’s first ever Bicycle User Group which already has over 50 staff and student members. Staff can purchase a discounted bike through CycleScheme.


This year Roehampton ran ‘Operation Kilo’, a competition for students in residence with prizes that included Summer Ball tickets for teams that reduced their waste the most. As a result, an estimated 56 tonnes of waste was diverted from landfill to recycling during the Academic Year. Printers in University Computer Suites have double-sided as their default setting and a battery recycling collection point has been provided in the library.

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