EAUC Scotland Programme 2020-2023

EAUC Scotland’s Mission is to inspire, empower and support leadership and collaborative action for sustainability across the Scottish further and higher education (FHE) sector. Our 2020-23 programme Accelerating action and leadership in Scotland’s universities and colleges in order to respond to the Climate Emergency continued to support this mission, running from April 2020 to March 2023, and built upon our previous outcome agreement work with the Scottish Funding Council, and on behalf of the Scottish further and higher institutions.
The Programme had five key Outcomes:

  • The sector is delivering dynamic and coordinated leadership and action in response to the climate emergency at all levels of Scottish further and higher education institutions
  • The further and higher education sector is able to provide the right data, skills, and knowledge to contribute towards national climate targets
  • Universities and colleges in Scotland are able to respond collectively at a sector-based, local and national level to the climate emergency and collaborate effectively within and beyond the sector.
  • Students develop the knowledge, skills, values and resilience required to lead and transform Scotland’s future carbon-neutral, sustainable and inclusive economy.
  • EAUC Scotland’s expertise and knowledge on sustainability within the FHE sector is accessed and utilized by wider stakeholders, including SFC .

This Programme was delivered by EAUC, working in partnership with individual institutions and strategic partners in Scotland and beyond, to provide specific and targeted support for colleges and universities in Scotland for their response to the climate emergency. It further strengthened the capabilities of both EAUC Scotland and individual FHE Institutions to intensify and progress activity on their environmental sustainability challenges, and in turn contribute towards the provision of longer term environmental, social, economic and educational benefits for individual FHE institutions, the Scottish Funding Council and as part of Scotland’s national ambitions on the climate emergency.

The full outcome agreement can be found at the link below. 

Also available to download below are our full and summary Annual Reports for the years 2021-22 and 2022-23. These documents, covering the period April 2021 - March 2023, report on the work of the EAUC Scotland team under the five outcomes of the Programme, highlighting progress towards milestones and targets expected at this point. 

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