Member testimonials

We wanted to share with you some of the stories from our Members to show the real value of EAUC Membership.

Liz Cooper from The University of Edinburgh says:

Being part of the EAUC means it is easy to consult the sector on new ideas and other institution’s approaches to issues and challenges, through Communities of Practice, Topic Support Networks, or the central email list. The network also provides opportunities for developing collaborative projects, presenting your work at conferences, listening to and speaking on webinars, and sharing and accessing resources online

 The University of Edinburgh is a Tier D Educational Member

Pearl Costello from Royal Agricultural University says: 

The EAUC is a valuable organisation for environmental and sustainability professionals in UK further and higher education. They facilitate discussion across institutions to promote best practice and utilise the great experience of hundreds of members. The knowledge I have gained from a variety of sources including the conference, email groups and webinars has been fantastic. Relaunching the South West Regional Group has been particularly exciting and showcases the benefits of collaboration.

Royal Agricultural University is a Tier A Educational Member

Angus Allen from South  Lanarkshire College says:

Eight years ago before the college became a member of the EAUC, environmental sustainability was probably close to the bottom of our list of strategies and priorities. With the help of the EAUC Scotland Team over the years, one of the college's three key strategic priorities, "Promoting Sustainable Behaviours" is high profile within all our strategic and operational plans and this has had a huge impact on how we go about our business.

South  Lanarkshire College is a is a Tier A Educational Member

Joel Cardinal from the University of Warwick says: 

I would like to thank the EAUC for their engagement and forward thinking within the university and college community, through schemes such as holistic sustainability thinking, LiFE self-assessment and the widely recognised Green Gown Awards.

The University of Warwick is a Tier D Educational Member

Emily Dunning from the University of Cambridge says:

Thanks to the EAUC, we have received a huge input of expertise (drawing together lessons from across the UK and internationally) to contribute to the increasing activity around Living Laboratories within UK universities, galvanising more action and interest along the way. This injection of capacity and enthusiasm is adding significantly to the wider landscape of Universities’ sustainability efforts.

The University of Cambridge is a Tier D Educational Member 

Chris Long from Bridgend College says:

"Bridgend College is delighted to a member of the EAUC, sharing with us a common vision of a tertiary education sector where sustainability is truly embedded as a central organising principle, underpinned by a strong set of guiding  principles and values. 

The EAUC is ‘the’ gateway through which we are able to access the most up-to-date information, share ideas and engage in stimulating, thought-provoking and inspiring discussion.  The value of membership for our staff cannot be overstated and we fully support the EAUC in its continuing work which is vital for the sector in this rapidly changing world."

Bridgend College is a Tier A Educational Member


Paulo Cruz from Glasgow Caledonian University says: 

EAUC Scotland (EAUC-S) is an invaluable resource fostering environmental change by connecting practitioners and sharing good practice.  Their monthly Key Messages/Executive Briefings emails provide an impartial mechanism for engaging our Executive team on environmental issues pertinent to our Institution, highlight our responsibilities and consider solutions. On a day-to-day basis, EAUC-S Topic Support Networks and training events connect us with our peers, help build capacity and share good practice. 

Glasgow Caledonian University is a Tier D Educational Member

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