Loughborough College

A sustainability initiative at Loughborough College has been praised for ‘ticking every possible good agenda’ including reducing vehicle traffic to and from the campus.

With backing from Leicestershire groups, the College has installed 20 cycle lockers, five cycle hoops and CCTV for residents of student accommodation at The Gables. It has also funded 24 further cycle lockers and CCTV on its main campus.

Ian Vears, team manager of the Travel Choice and Access team at Leicestershire County Council, explained why they were delighted to be supporting the project.

“We’ve already seen how well similar schemes have worked at Loughborough schools where there are now fewer cars turning up outside the school gates,” he said.

“The project ticks every possible good agenda you can have.”

Also present at the official launch were Gurjit Singh Bahra and John Thatcher, representing the Post-16 Transport Partnership at Leicestershire County Council and Leicester City Council respectiviely.

Performing the opening ceremony, the Mayor of Charnwood Councillor Jill Vincent described the scheme as ‘particularly brilliant’, and said it was a partial answer to the challenge of reducing the number of cars parking on the periphery of the Loughborough University campus.

Loughborough have also now successfully secured funding for a further 20 cycle lockers to be installed on their main site campus within the next 3-4 months. The same funding bodies, Post-16 Transport Partnership for Leicestershire County Council and Leicester City Council have supported us.

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