Living Labs Programme

Latest news
NUS has been contracted to support the EAUC researching the next stage of support and funding for this agenda with huge potential for sector sustainability.  Central to the research will be the EAUC Living Lab Community of Practice. To join the CoP please email [email protected]

Activity Background
A Living Lab (LL) is a concept which is understood and applied in several different ways within the tertiary education sector. At its heart, LL aims to establish partnerships or programmes which connect academic activities of the institution (i.e. learning & teaching, and academic research) with non-academic partners. These partners can be university internal operations or estates departments, local communities, businesses, charities and other organisations. Among the plethora of benefits are:
  • Richer practice-based learning experiences for students that improve professional skills, employability, student retention, and student satisfaction
  • Knowledge-transfer for sustainable change: benefits of realistic and practicable research to internal and/or external partners
  • Stronger partnerships between academics and internal estates staff, as well as external partners.
Additional resources
Gain an overview of the project and the current research, click here for a link to the EAUC Living Lab research papers. 

Alternatively why not attend the workshop session at our annual conference? Visit here for more information. 
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