Video from Imperial College London - carbon reduction highly commended

Imperial College London

Continuous Optimisation of Plant and Services – a partnership in sustainability by conserving carbon through energy reduction

Imperial College London is committed to providing a more sustainable operation of its estate, despite a strategy of refurbishment, new build and staff/student growth.

To support this Imperial has proven and implemented a methodical application of 'Continuous Optimisation’ (ConCom) recommissioning building plant and services, delivering cuts in carbon consumption, conservation of energy and reduction in operational costs.

With support from consultants ABS, the Facilities department, working in partnership with Imperial’s academic community, has to date accumulated real sustainable savings amounting to £518,350 and 2,846 tonnes of CO2. ConCom is now an embedded component of the University’s Carbon Management Plan and is expected to contribute savings of up to 4,900 tonnes of CO2 over the next five years. The lessons learnt are now being incorporated into refurbishment and new-build strategies.
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