Climate Commission Futures of Education Focus Groups

Download our report on the future of education here.

Thank you to the students who participated in these discussions, your insight is invaluable to ensuring a just and sustainable future:

Deanna Coleman | Max Phillips | Lucie Pestiaux | David Oldcorn | Jennifer Scott | Cammy Beyts | Lovisa Kuehnle-Nelson | Anna Chirumbolo | Chris Holdsworth | Alexander Patterson | Emma Schoenmakers | Alysha Wilson Ben Murphy | Bethan Jones | Anna Ray | Lea Weimann | Edward Oswald | Alba Saenz de Villaverde | Abraham Makanjuola | Benjamin Duncan | Kathryn Halliday | Wattala Fernando | Charlotte Spear | Nokuthula Mashiyane | Noah Herfort | Francesca Amato | Vicki Grimshaw | Megan Forecast | Sophie Hocking | Lizzy Haughton | Jonathan Julián Huerta y Munive | Phebe Linette Bonilla Prado | Vaida Suslovaite | Saskia Straub | Ying Chen | Sam Hollick |  Freya Turner | Isobel Ely 
Jeanne Begon Lours

About the Initiative

UNESCO created the International Commission for the Futures of Education to lead a global debate to rethink education and shape the future culminating in a report that will influence international education policy. Download UNESCO's brochure here to find out more about the initiative. 

The Climate Commission for UK Higher and Further Education held four 1-hour long focus groups to collect input from students. The focus groups were facilitated by student Commissioners and involved informal discussions about education with a maximum of 10 students.

Discussion questions included:

  • How do you view the future? When you think about 2050 do you feel hopeful/concerned etc?
  • Considering your previous answer, what should the purpose of education be in 2050?
  • How should what we learn, how we learn and where we learn change in the future?

Students' opinions and insights have been collated and summarised in a report. The report has been sent to UNESCO to contribute to their work on global education policy.


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