EAUC Seeking EOI for Sustainability Shared-Services Staffing

Increased institutional sustainability learning through collaboration
EAUC are pleased to welcome Expressions of Interest (EOI) from institutions across the UK and Ireland for participation in sustainability shared-services staffing. This follows the success of the award-winning Central and South Scotland College Partnership (CSSCP) pilot and its subsequent extension.

1. What is Sustainability Shared-Services Staffing? 
Sustainability shared-services staffing is a mechanism for two or three institutions to partner together and collectively recruit a dedicated sustainability professional hosted and managed by EAUC. The cost to each institution is split according to the agreed time allocation e.g. two institutions each cover 50% of total costs for 0.5 FTE staffing resource each. The engaged institutions and EAUC collectively agree in advance the role specification, time allocation, and contract length before proceeding to recruitment.  

2. What are the benefits to the institutions involved? 
  • Increased dedicated institutional capacity to progress and deliver priority sustainability objectives; 
  • Increased institutional sustainability learning through collaboration with other shared-service partners;
  • Reduced institutional costs compared to recruiting and managing a full-time sustainability professional resource;
  • Provides evidence of how an institution is aligning spending plans to meet institutional and national sustainability targets (Scottish Government Public Bodies Climate Change Duties requirement);
  • Day-to-day management sits with EAUC;
  • Stronger links between the institution and EAUC’s expertise. 

Further information on the shared-services staffing offer and a case study of the CSSCP pilot can be found attached, below this article, alongside two example shared-service job descriptions.

3. Next steps:
If you would like to express your institution’s interest in shared-services, please fill in the attached form by 1st December. Note that EAUC are seeking to offer two potential roles for the sector:
  • Sustainability Project Manager with a focus on overall sustainability strategy, emissions reporting and decarbonisation, and engagement; 
  • Sustainability in Learning, Teaching and Research Manager with a focus on monitoring and evaluating Education for Sustainable Development, green skills development, training educators on ESD, and engagement. 

An expression of interest does not commit you or your institution at this stage.

EAUC will then: 
  • collate responses and identify demand for shared services 
  • identify potential partnerships based on geographical locations 
  • work to bring potential partners together. 
If you have any questions regarding shared-services, please contact Matt Woodthorpe.
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