Dr Smirti Kutaula - Senior Lecturer

What is your name?
Dr. Smirti Kutaula
What institution are you a student or staff member at?
Kingston University 
What is your role at the institution?
Senior Lecturer, HRM and Sustainability Teaching and Learning Champion
What drives you to champion sustainability?
 Looking at the bigger picture and benefits that these issues can bring about in the wider community. 
What does an average day look like?
Depends on what I am doing that day, most of the times, no two days look similar. Some days, I am more involved in teaching and preparation, and others, I can solely focus on research. 
What do you think are the most important things everyone in the UK can do to help contribute towards a more sustainable society?
Making wise choices while shopping and recycling
What are your sustainability pet peeves?
People leaving behind coffee cups in meeting rooms assuming someone else will clean up; not switching off desktop or lights once leaving the office.
What role do you think Universities and Colleges have in contributing towards sustainability?
Quite an important role, sustainability literacy is very important and also a desirable graduate employability attribute. Integrating sustainability within the curriculum is crucial for constructive dialogue between staff and students. 
What is one thing you wish you knew about sustainability when you were younger?
Everyone can make a difference, whether big or small. So, I would encourage everyone to think about what is the one thing they could do towards engaging with sustainability. 
Tell us something unusual about sustainability at your institution or organisation that other people might not know.
At our university, we are supported to lead and organise sustainability initiatives. For instance, I organised a Fairtrade Fortnight event for students and staff members with a colleague and student volunteers, raising awareness about Fairtrade and ethical businesses, which attracted more than 150 people. 
What opportunities and challenges have you experienced in your role in sustainability?
I think it is possible to make everyone actively think about their role as agents of change. However, it takes more time to embed sustainability in the university experience, often it is treated as optional or alternative trading.   
What do you hope sustainability in the UK looks like in 10 years’ time?
I hope sustainability is treated as a mainstream area, not niche. Large organisations integrate sustainability within their key functions such as developing products and services, managing supply chain and retailing. 

What are the benefits of EAUC membership?
It is a comprehensive resource for raising awareness about the best sustainability practices within universities and colleges.  
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