Conference Steering Group 2013

We would like to extend a large thank you to our 2013 Conference Steering Group (CSG) Members. Not only have they devoted their time and commitment to reviewing all the Conference offers received, but they have also contributed with other good ideas ensuring a broad mix of sustainability sessions are on offer at this year’s Conference. This is a voluntary group and we sincerely thank all involved for your commitment.

Our 2013 CSG Members were:

• Phil Ball, Waste Officer, University of Leicester
• Trudy Cunningham, Environment and Sustainability Officer, University of Dundee
• Rebecca Bennett, Environment and Sustainability Officer, University of Salford
• Dr Jonathan Horner, Environmental Manager, University of Roehampton
• Dr Janet Haddock-Fraser Dean, Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences, Canterbury Christ Church University
• Keith Pitcher, Director of Sustainability, University of Nottingham
• Ronald Macintyre, Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator, The Open University in Scotland
• Dean Drobot, Energy and Environment Manager, University of Strathclyde
• Adam Tewkesbury, Transport Manager, University of Southampton
• Helen Cutts Sustainability, Health and Safety Officer, Wigan and Leigh College
• Roy Morgan-Wood, Sustainability Champion, Leicester College
• Georgiana Weatherill, Environmental and Sustainability Manager, Leeds City College

In October 2012, we opened the call for Conference session proposals. We were delighted with the response and were fortunate to receive many offers – each of good quality and content. We received over 50 conference session proposals with only 25 session slots available!

The Conference Steering Group (CSG) met virtually in mid December and went through all the offers, prioritising the top scoring sessions. All sessions were scored on relevance and current/up-coming topics. You can imagine that with so many offers it was very difficult to prioritise based on all the excellent offers received.

The final selection is reflected in the draft summary of Conference sessions.

The role of the CSG

The role of the CSG is to ensure that the sessions included in the EAUC’s Annual Conference programme, meet the needs and demands of the delegates.

Delegates are made up of sustainability practitioners from within both the higher and further education sector. Conference sessions can take many forms and are presented on many levels. We need to ensure that we deliver an all-round programme which is suitable for delegates – whichever sustainability journey they are on – be that “starting out” (new to the topic), “on the road” (some experience but looking for more advanced options) or “more advanced” (competent but looking for new approaches).

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