Climate Commission Podcast: Climate Chats with Students

Students interested in and involved in the Commission study a range of disciplines and are from varying backgrounds. The Climate Commission wants to honour these students who are working to drive climate action and share their stories with the sector.  What better way to do this than through a podcast? 

Welcome to the Climate Commission Podcast: Climate Chats with Students. We chat with students and share their stories about their journeys with sustainability and the climate crisis. 

Are you a student interested in sharing your story? Please email 

Please note, views shared by students do not represent EAUC, the Climate Commission, the podcast host or their institution. 

Episode 1: Manveer Gill
Episode 2: Amy Brazier 
Episode 3: Chris Holdsworth
Episode 4: Eugene Boadu 
Episode 5: Emma Schoenmakers 
Episode 6: Laura Benczes
Episode 7: Ed Oswald
Episode 8: Roz Bradshaw

Episode 1: Climate Chats with Manveer Gill 

Manveer is a final year mathematics  
undergraduate student at the University of Warwick. We met on Zoom to discuss his journey with sustainability, his desire to progress in a career tackling the climate crisis and how he'd like to see mathematics taught in the future to ensure graduates can cope with a changing planet.
Spoiler: he thinks the mathematics students need to be have more interdisciplinary experiences.


Episode 2: Climate Chats with Amy Brazier 

Amy Brazier is a student at Portsmouth College and a Climate Commissioner. We sat down to discuss how her a-levels relate to sustainability, her interest in sustainability and her future plans to become a teacher.              


Episode 3: Climate Chats with Chris Holdsworth

On this episode, Sonya sits down with Chris Holdsworth, a 1st year PhD student at the School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh, researching carbon capture and storage (CCS). They discuss geography and geology's role in climate action, geology's complicated relationship with fossil fuel and mining industries and other topics!

Episode 4: Climate Chats with Eugene Boadu 

Sonya chats with PhD student Eugene Boadu. Eugene researches climate change mitigation and adaptation in sub-Saharan Africa at Keele University. The two discuss his research and work with Envirolution. They also chat about his plans for the future and his hopes for embedding sustainability in education for all.

Listen to Climate Chats with Eugene here.     
Twitter: @Eugeneboadu

Episode 5: Climate Chats with Emma Schoenmakers 

Sonya and Emma, an ecology student at the University of Edinburgh, discuss climate justice and sustainable development. Emma also mentions her work with Melanin Memos, a podcast hosted by Amisha Abeyawardene sharing stories about women of colour in science.

Listen to Climate Chats with Emma here.     

Listen to Melanin Memos here:

Episode 6: Climate Chats with Laura Benczes

Sonya chats with Laura Benczes, a recent graduate in sociology at Queen Margaret University, about her research on the sociology of individual climate activism. Thanks for sharing your insight, Laura!

Listen to the episode here.

Episode 7: Climate Chats with Ed Oswald

Sonya chats with Ed Oswald, a recent Business Management graduate from the University of Surrey and climate activist on his interest in sustainability and how he hopes to use his degree to take climate action.

Listen to the episode here.

Episode 8: Climate Chats with Roz Bradshaw

On this episode, we chat with recent University of Reading graduate Roz Bradshaw and the pairing of her geography degree with her passion for sustainability. Thanks, Roz!

Listen to the episode here.

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