Climate Commission Virtual Evidence Gathering Events

The Climate Commission will hold virtual evidence gathering events between March 2020 to June 2020 focusing on each of the priorities and will invite relevant Expert Witnesses and Observers for each particular focus area. The Climate Commission Council are invited to attend all events and we will be seeking wider views and engagement from the sector for which further details will be sent out in due course.

Purpose of the Meetings 

These are initial evidence gathering meetings where we have invited some key stakeholders relating to each priority topic. We will be asking the expert witnesses to respond to the key questions as outlined in the briefing documents. We will then open the discussion to the wider audience for input. The aim is to provide guidance to the Climate Commission that we are asking the right questions and focusing on the correct areas that are needed. The recording and notes from each meeting will be publicly available.

This is the early stages for the Climate Commission and output, advice and support for the sector will emerge at a later stage based on the analysis of the evidence from this meeting and other inputs. 

Climate Commission Evidence Gathering Events:

1. Friday 6th March 1300-1430: Priority 1 - Mobilising the Further and Higher Education voice for influence and impact  –  Watch here  -  Briefing Paper  - Priority 1 Blog Post -  Priority Lead: EAUC

Invited Expert Witnesses:

  • Paul Manners, Director – Policy, National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE)
  • Professor Rupert Read, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of East Anglia
  • Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh, Director - Centre for Climate Change & Social Transformations (CAST), University of Cardiff

2. Tuesday 24th March 1300-1430: Priority 2 – Research and Innovation – Watch here  -  Briefing Paper  - Priority 2 Blog Post -  Priority Lead: Universities UK

Invited Expert Witnesses:

  • Alyssa Gilbert, Grantham Institute, Imperial College London & UK Research Group
  • Rob Gillies, Associate Director, UKRI Environmental Sustainability, UKRI
  • Vanessa O'Donnell, Policy Analyst, Russell Group
  • Emma Wilcox, CEO, Society for the Environment

3. Wednesday 29th April 1300-1430: Priority 3 – Measuring and Reporting - Scope 1, 2 & 3  –  Watch here  -  Briefing Paper  -  Priority 3 Blog PostPriority Lead: EAUC

Invited Expert Witnesses: 

  • Dan Cook, Head of Policy & Development, HESA
  • Andy Nolan, Development & Sustainability Director, University of Nottingham & Chair of AUDE Sustainability Advisory Group
  • Angus Warren, CEO, Advanced Procurement for Universities & Colleges (APUC)

4. Tuesday 19th May 1000-1130: Priority 4  –  Deep Adaptation  –  Watch here  -  Briefing Paper  -  Priority Lead: GuildHE

Invited Expert Witnesses:

  • Professor Jem Bendell, Professor of Sustainability Leadership, University of Cumbria
  • Allison Green, Director, Scientists Warning 
  • Caroline Hickman, Climate Psychology Alliance 
  • Dr. Justine Huxley, CEO, St. Etherlburga's

5. Tuesday 2nd June 1500-1630: Priority 5 – Education and Student Experience  -  watch here - Briefing PaperPriority Lead: Association of Colleges

Invited Expert Witnesses:

  • Simon Kemp, lead in Education for Sustainable Development, University of Southampton 
  • Eddie Playfair, Senior Policy Manger, Association of Colleges
  • Mark Wright, Director of Curriculum and Development, the Education and Training Foundation 

The Commissioners and Steering Group will provide updates following each of the key meetings identified above. 

Further Meetings 

Following these events, further meetings and discussions will be held to help the Climate Commission develop the practical guidance and outputs for the sector for each priority. These meetings include: 

1. Thursday 16th July 1100-1230: Discussion with the Further Education Sector  -  Watch hereBriefing PaperPriority Lead: Association of Colleges

2. Wednesday 2nd September 1000-1130: Discussion with Further and Higher Education Governors and Chairs  -  Watch Here  -  Briefing Paper - Priority Lead: Association of Colleges (AoC), Committee of University Chairs (CUC)


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