COP26 is being held in Glasgow in November 2021. EAUC are working hard to ensure universities and colleges, and their role in society have a high profile at the event. Much of this is still in planning and we will keep members informed as more information comes through. Below is a summary of where EAUC are involved in the planning.

Learn more about the EAUC-led Countdown to COP26 Campaign!

  • ‘Learning for a Sustainable Future: Live at COP26’  begins on 31st October and will run for the duration of COP26 in Glasgow. The content will be available for six weeks as a learning resource. Join the mailing list to be notified when enrolment opens here
  • There is a coalition of organisations planning a live streamed lesson from the Nature Zone. It is called the Great Big Lesson for Climate and Nature: Live from COP and it is targeting secondary schools, sixth forms and colleges in the UK to engage students, teachers, leaders, governors and support staff. It’s aim is to deliver genuine learning and encourage everyone to work together as communities to reduce emissions and protect nature. It will be live streamed on Friday 5th November at 9am. Click here to register.
  • To support education staff, the EAUC, NEU, EIS, UCU, NUS, SOS-UK and Teach the Future are promoting a Climate Learning Month during November 2021 in the run-up to  COP26
  • COP26 Universities Network will be running an event called Green Career Pathways – on Sunday 7th November at 0930-1030 (100 in person and available virtual) – led by Professor Dave Reay, University of Edinburgh
  • Skills Sunday is taking place on 7th November
  • Department of Education is having a Classroom of the Future in the Timber Zone
  • Forest of Pledges - led by the Scouts - will be in the Blue Zone
  • THE Climate Impact Forum run by Times Higher and partnered with University of Glasgow and United Nations Environment is taking place on 28th October virtually and is free for education institutions to attend.
  • Earthshot have developed a Teachers Toolkit with worksheets, guides and resources
  • STEM and Aecom are delivering a virtual Careers in Climate Change Fair during COP. The event is available for all young people to attend and get inspired with live chat sessions everyday between 10 -11am and 2-3pm.
  • Glasgow City Council have launched details per day during COP26 of travel restrictions in and around Glasgow - Get Ready Glasgow
  • Youth4Climate have developed an Education Toolkit aimed at students and educators
  • New York Climate Week is open for free registration - 20th - 26th September
  • Africa Climate Week is open for free registration - 26th - 29th September
  • COP26 Human Hotel - Homestay network for accommodation in Glasgow during COP
  • Climate Fringe Week - 18-26 September
  • Engaging Students with COP26 - Recording and resources here
  • COP26 Events Map - anyone can submit their events and activities
  • Main days focusing on youth and education are Friday 5th November is Youth and Public Empowerment Day and Tuesday 9th November is Gender, Science and Innovation Day and potential a Skills Sunday on 7th November maybe taking place (TBC).
  • EAUC have been granted 'pending Observer status' and we waiting for our quota of passes to be granted
  • COP26 UK team have launched #ONESTEPGREENER campaign with green ambassadors and green climate leaders

    • EAUC's application for the Green Zone was not successful, however we are working with partners such as Carbon Literacy Project and COP26 Universities Network on a green skills/career fair. There will also be activities around the Race to Zero campaign.
    • The COP26 programme as been released. 5th November will be the Youth & Public Empowerment Day.
    • WWF have launched a school pack
    • The Scouts have launched a Promise to the Planet campaign and Scouts UK have launched their campaign
    • Schools Climate Action Planner will be launched soon
    • The Student Climate Commissioners are working with the UK Youth Delegates and will be running workshops in August/September for students to engage on developing a UK Youth Statement to feed into COY16 which is being hosted by University of Strathclyde. COY16 is the  UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY) and is taking place 28th - 31st October 2021. More details on COY16 here
    • EAUC are working with the Together for Our Planet team to develop a College and University Pack. A Schools Pack has already been produced.
    • UNEP and Times Higher are planning an event on 28th October at University of Glasgow (TBC whether virtual or physical). More details will be shared when we can.
    • #Decarbonize: #Decolonize – Youth Action Dialogue - led by Centre for Global Education and TakingITGlobal are laying the groundwork for a collaborative youth mobilization that will engage over 100,000 youth, from every continent on earth, in the world’s largest synthesis of youth education and action.
    • New York Climate Week is taking place virtually on 20-26 September 2021
    • EAUC are submitting an Expression of Interest to the COP26 team for a stand to showcase our members at COP26. If we are successful we will share more details on how you can get involved.
    • EAUC have successfully petitioned the COP26 Cabinet team to have an Education Zone within the Green Zone. If you are submitting an EOI please state you would like to be in the Education Zone.
    • There will be a dedicated 'Education Day' during COP26. We are waiting for the confirmation of when this will take place.
    • EAUC have asked the UK Government and the COP26 Cabinet team to include invitations to Education Ministers to COP26, especially for the Education Day.
    • COP26 Fellows sponsored by UKRI are confirmed. EAUC are working with the Fellows, particularly the youth engagement elements. 

    • Expression of Interest process for businesses, civil society, academia, trade unions, indigenous groups, young people and others to apply to get involved in UK Government managed spaces at the Summit in Glasgow 2021 is now launched. This includes opportunities such as hosting of events, creative installations, and exhibition space - across both the Blue Zone and Green Zone. We will also be working with the High Level Champions team to share relevant content to support the Climate Action Zone. 
      We expect demand to be high, and opportunities will be limited. As such we are encouraging organisations to come together with collaborative proposals with a focus on profiling the voices of those most impacted by climate change. To support this collaborative approach, we will be encouraging stakeholders to connect with each other via the COP26 LinkedIn platform.
      How to apply: Further guidance and a link to the online form can be found here. A downloadable PDF guidance pack can also be found here
      Eligibility criteria: As Presidency, we are keen to showcase businesses and organisations who have set ambitious net zero commitments by 2050 or earlier, with a credible short term action plan to achieve this, including Science Based Targets and joining the Race to Zero
      Deadline: The Expression of Interest process closes at 17:00 GMT on Friday 5 March 2021. When submitting please request to be in the Education Zone.
    • Glasgow City Council is looking to enlist the help of friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic volunteers to contribute to the success of this momentous event. Get involved and share with your network!
    • EAUC have applied for Observer status. The application process is still pending.
    • EAUC are working closely with the COP26 Cabinet Team to coordinate a joined up education approach. We are in talks about a potential education zone in the green zone (open to the public and applications will be available shortly).
    • EAUC are liaising with the COP26 Cabinet Team on the Together for our Planet Campaign with a potential education sector wide social media/communications campaign on the lead up to COP26.
    • EAUC are liaising with various other sector bodies that are involved such as SOS with the MockCOP and Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU).
    • EAUC sits on various different COP26 Cabinet Team Roundtables - Education & Skills Roundtable and Youth Roundtable.
    • EAUC are part of the COP26 University Research Network – the network is conducting various briefings on the run up to COP26 which are public facing.
    • EAUC are working with the Climate Commission on what kind of event/presence the Climate Commission will have around COP26.
    • UNFCCC are planning an ‘education day’ at COP26 – we are waiting on more details on this (including which day this will be). EAUC are working with UN bodies such as UNEP, UNESCO & UNFCCC on the international profile and will include initiatives through HESI and profiling key activities such as the SDG Accord, the Global Climate Letter and the International Green Gown Awards.  
    • EAUC are working with the Race to Zero team on what profile they will have at COP26 – and the education sector profile as part of our Global Climate Letter work.
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