United Nations Global Compact

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"Higher education institutions (HEIs) are complex economic actors and influencers which can have a profound impact on societies. HEIs can play a significant role in educating civil society about the goals of the UNGC through both educational programs and their own behavior, in the day-to-day operations of the higher education enterprise. In 2010, the UNGC established an academic working group and charged it with establishing guidelines by which HEIs could participate in the UNGC on an equal footing with the corporate sector. As we mentioned in our Practical Guide to the UNGC for Higher Education Institutions: Implementing the Global Compact Principles and Communicating on Progress) presented at the UNCSD 2012 in Rio, it is essential that the HEI can assess and report on progress. Tools offered in this platform for sustainable performance in Education can be very useful for all HEIs who want to take part to the Global compact journey."

Mitch Leventhal, Senior Advisor on Academic Affairs, UNGC, Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs, State University of New York