The Tools - Getting Started

To assist institutions taking the step towards sustainability performance each Tool in the Platform offers help to getting starting. See below for details. If you have a Tool then share it with us.

AISHE - Assessment Instrument for Sustainability in Higher Education originally developed in the Netherlands and has been applied hundreds of times in at least eleven countries

AUA - an initiative to create a learning community among universities in Asia-Pacific region that are engaging in Education for Sustainable Development

CRUE - a system of indicators to measure the progress of Spanish Universities in their contribution to sustainability and social responsibility

Sustainability Leadership Scorecard - The Sustainability Leadership Scorecard is a planning and self-assessment tool specifically for colleges and universities to improve social responsibility and environmental performance through a whole institution approach. The Sustainability Leadership Scorecard systematically guides you through the design, planning and delivery of your strategic sustainability activities.

STARS - an innovative, voluntary self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure progress toward sustainability and be recognized for sustainability leadership

The Green Plan and the Label DD&RS - a complete sustainable development suite including strategy, self-assessment and labelling initially launched in France

USAT - This sustainability assessment tool was developed for use in the
Swedish/Africa International Training Programme

Sustainable Campus Assessment System - an assessment system from Hokkaido University

National Assessments of the Institutionalization of the Environmental Commitment at Latin American Universities - 4 national assessments with the participation of 228 higher education institutions