Higher Education Sustainable Initiative

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The Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI) for Rio+20 was initiated in 2012 by a group of UN partners (the Executive Coordinator of Rio+20, UN DESA, UNEP, UNESCO, UN Global Compact, UN Global Compact's Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) and UNU) as an unprompted initiative for Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in the run-up to the Rio+20 Conference.

Since HEIs educate current and future decision makers, they play a key role in building more sustainable societies and creating new paradigms. As educational institutions, they have the mission to promote development through both research and teaching, disseminating new knowledge and insight to their students and building their capabilities. Given the objectives of Rio+20, HESI has a special responsibility to provide leadership on education for sustainable development.

Since the inception of the HESI initiative it has been driven by all HESI partner organizations with special input from Global Compact and PRME signatory HEIs, in particular Kedge Business School (former Euromed Marseille School of Management), which has made significant contributions in the organization of this initiative.

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We hope that this Platform will help them to report on their commitments.