Case Studies

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"This platform is yet another step forward in proving the value to the sector of the collaborative approach embarked upon by these leading sustainability in tertiary education associations."

Leanne Denby, President, ACTS

The aim of the Platform is to share knowledge between institutions and the Tools. We will be developing case studies from institutions to show:

  • Why they are using the Tool
  • How they are using the Tool
  • Who gets involved in completing the Tool
  • How long it takes to complete the Tool

If you have feedback on any of the Tools please contact us to share

Click here to view why institutions in the UK use the LiFE tool

Click here to view "Getting an empirical hold of the sustainable university: a comparative analysis of evaluation frameworks across 12 contemporary sustainability assessment tools"

Below is an example of a comparison of the STARS Tool and the Green Plan Tool and a comparison of the LiFE tool and the Green Plan Tool.