The Green Plan - the first step

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The Green Plan (Plan Vert in French) is not just “green”, it’s a complete sustainable development strategy initially launched in France and designed by university associations in France (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles and Conference of University Presidents), the French government and non-governmental organizations within the framework of the Grenelle Environment Roundtable.

More than 100 “Grandes Ecoles” and Universities used it in 2012.

It consists of an outline of objectives and actions drawn from the European Sustainable Development Strategy and an assessment framework based on ISO 26000 works to pilot and evaluate those actions:

  • A Green Plan Outline to define the institution’s sustainable development policy. The Green Plan Outline is designed to indicate objectives for each establishment, along with points that can be progressively implemented depending on their pace, their status, their partnerships and their individual situation. This outline adapts and uses the nine key challenges of the European Sustainable Development Strategy
  • A Green Plan Framework to assess implementation of this sustainable development policy.The Green Plan Framework, or DD&RS framework, is a tool for assessing the progress and relevance of the sustainable development actions carried out at the institution. It includes a self-diagnosis, a scorecard, a strategy guide and a basis for certification. It could be the first step in the process for obtaining a label.This framework, which is shared by universities and Grandes Écoles, is concerned with operational capability and takes into account the essential components of these institutions’ activities: strategy and governance, social policy and territorial presence, environmental management, teaching and training, research activities.

How to get more information and get started

The Green Plan assessment framework is open source and can be uploaded at the bottom of this page:

The label DD&RS: The second step

The Label DD&RS which could be traduced by “Label SD&CSR” is the second step for the higher education institution using the Green Plan. The Label DD&RS launched in 2015 aims at:

VALUATION of sustainable development initiatives of Institutions and people in charge:

  • By the communication: improvement of the brand image of the institution, better positioning in certain rankings, and international visibility via platforms such as
  • By the access to possible financing that this label could facilitate.
  • By the membership in a community of responsible institutions.
  • By a compatibility with various systems of accreditation

The development of a COMMUNITY OF HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS invested in an approach of corporate social responsibility.

The transition which institutions of higher education have to lead requires to develop a systematic vision of their campus and the implementation of new skills. The label DD&RS, by the contribution of peers to the device of labelling, bet on a collective learning by practices sharing.
This community develops and has already allowed the creation of the Green plan framework also called DD&RS framework.

In the stemming from an audit by the peers, a committee of labelling compound of ministries, students and representatives of the higher education and research institutions attributes the label for an average duration of 4 years.

The certified establishments are listed here: