Assessment Instrument for Sustainability in Higher Education, AISHE Netherlands

AISHE, the “Assessment Instrument for Sustainability in Higher Education”, was developed and validated in the Netherlands in 2000-2001 by DHO, the Dutch Foundation for Sustainable Higher Education. In the latest years, a new version, ‘AISHE 2’, was developed by an international group of universities and institutions (Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Spain).

Our Tool: AISHE

"This new Platform is highly important. ESD is quintessential to SD in general. Assessment highly stimulates the process of ESD development in universities, as many cases has proved. Thanks to this website, for the first time universities all over the world are able to have a full overview of all ESD assessment methods that have been developed in various countries. Although based on the same principles of sustainability, these instruments vary greatly in their approaches and goals. This website enables universities to select the system that most fits with the cultural, legal and structural backgrounds of their country and of the university itself. This is a great contribution to a better and more sustainable world."   Niko Roorda, Coordinator, AISHE