earth was the EAUC's Membership-wide newsletter. Produced bi-monthly, it reflected on the activities of the EAUC itself, its members or issues that will have an impact on the tertiary education sector.

Due to Member feedback, we ceased producing earth in 2012. But rest assured, all of the best bits of earth are embedded in all of our other Member communications so we can still share your reviews, reflections and opinions.

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Download file final_earth_1.pdf earth October 2012 (7.5Mb) #4015
Download file final_earth_july_single_pagesv2.pdf earth July 2012 (1.6Mb) #3786
Download file digital_earth_april_2012.pdf earth April 2012 (2.1Mb) #3625
Download file jan_digital_1.pdf earth February 2012 (3.4Mb) #3331
Download file earth_digital_final_with_exeter.pdf earth December 2011 (1.6Mb) #3207
Download file earth_digital_sept.pdf earth October 2011 (1.5Mb) #3100
Download file earth_final_version.pdf earth August 2011 (1.3Mb) #2886
Download file earth_may_(4).pdf earth May 2011 (2.6Mb) #2699
Download file final_earth_march_2011.pdf earth March 2011 (4.2Mb) #2453
Download file single_page_high_res.pdf earth January 2011 (4.7Mb) #2325
Download file single_pages_final__2.pdf earth Autumn 2010 (2.8Mb) #2324
Download file final_low_res_earth_spring_10.pdf earth Spring 2010 (2.1Mb) #1978
Download file single_pages_final__1.pdf earth Autumn 2010 (2.8Mb) #2136
Download file earth_new_year_2010_final_1.pdf earth New Year 2010 (1.8Mb) #1979
Download file earth_spring_09_final_1.pdf earth - Spring 2009 (Edition 40) (1.6Mb) #1450
Download file earth_winter_final_1.pdf earth - Winter 08/09 (Edition 39) (1.3Mb) #1310
Download file earth_autumn_09_-_final_lr_1.pdf earth - Autumn 2009 (Edition 41) (1.6Mb) #1705

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Download October's earth below
Download October's earth below