Who we are

The Alliance aspires to have inclusive representation from a wide range of national stakeholders: This includes

  • policy makers
  • businesses
  • the professions
  • umbrella organisations representing HE; schools; FE; skills; adult, continuing, youth and informal education; funding agencies; community, regional and international agencies
  • professional associations and sector agencies and unions

If you are a national representative stakeholder not already linked to ELSA please contact us here

Our current member representatives are:

ELSA National Coordinator: Elsa Lee

Consortium of Development Education Centres: Clive Belgeonne

TEESNet (Teacher Education for Equity and Sustainability Network): Andrea Bullivant

Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges: Iain Patton and Rosie Saban

Society for the Environment: Carolyn Roberts

Learning Partnership Group: Jane Acton

National Union of Students: Jamie Agombar and Rachel Drayson

SEEd - Sustainability and Environmental Education and SSA Sustainable Schools Alliance: Ann Finlayson

Change Agents: Stephen Martin