What we do

It is early days for ELSA but we have just agreed our first Strategic Objectives (2018). These are:

  1. To communicate student interest and commitment to having sustainability as an integral focus of their learning to UK Government and international agencies as appropriate.
  2. To identify exemplary educational practice across sectors, sharing this, and enabling further innovation.
  3. To promote an overarching UK strategy for sustainable development that has learning central to it.
  4. To commission research which illustrates how student learning around sustainability can most appropriately be developed from primary to tertiary education.
  5. To react to strategic opportunities during the year that enable us to further our purpose and vision, including responding to relevant national policy consultations.
  6. To support the Global Sustainable Development Goals in the most effective ways we can.

We now also have Operational Objectives (2018) to steer our first steps as a new voice for the sustainability and learning. These are:

  1. To agree strategic objectives for 2018 - now agreed - see above
  2. To create opportunities for Alliance members to work together and link previously unconnected aspects of education and learning.
  3. To establish an ELSA secretariat with appropriate resources and communications.
  4. To launch ELSA, formally, to an appropriate audience, with targeted publicity.
  5. To obtain sufficient funding to enable strategic objectives to be realised.