WorkWare SUSTAIN Benchmarking Toolkit (Alexi Marmot Associates (AMA))

WorkWare SUSTAIN is a toolkit of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to inform behaviour change programmes to reduce energy demand. The objective of the toolkit is to gather evidence on attitudes and behaviours of students, staff, estates and energy managers, which are then collated to develop a change management action plan which identifies:

  1.  the greatest opportunities for energy saving through behaviour change;

  2.  the groups and behaviours most amenable to change;

  3.  recommended change management tools; and

  4.  benchmarks against which future change can be evaluated.

Action for Sustainability has produced a Step-by-Step 'How to' Guide and recording spreadsheet to assist universities and colleges with an effective and efficient means of gathering, managing, and using the data required to calculate the institution’s carbon footprint.

Whilst the guidance is aimed primarily at recording data to enable carbon emissions to be calculated, it should be noted that the spreadsheets (where practical) offer the inclusion of financial data. Adding in the financial data whilst collecting energy data takes very little additional time, but is invaluable for communicating energy consumption to particular audiences. A handy Unit Converter will also help to communicate with tangible examples of energy and water consumption.

The tables within the spreadsheets are not intended to replace those your institution may already have established. The purpose is to suggest one way that the data can be collected, to assist those institutions that have not yet established their own to fast-track with this task.

The questionnaire will form the baseline findings to inform the Campaign Toolkit materials and will be used to compare attitudes and behaviours at the end of the project to form the EAUC’s impact assessment.

Additionally, a Electrical Equipment Checklist has been produced for when you are reviewing what electrical equipment can and cannot be switched off. This is supported by a template for Traffic Light Stickers and the UCCCfS Electrical Equipment Room Guide.

Green: switch off when you leave
Amber: switch off at the end of the day
Red: do not switch off unless authorised

Delivered by EAUC