University of Suffolk joins fight to fix unsustainable food system

University of Suffolk's Sustainability Institute has joined forces with big brands to transform the UK’s food sector.
A pioneering roadmap to transform the UK’s food sector is being developed by UKSSD (of which EAUC are a member). Their new Food Systems programme brings together cross-sector organisations to work on fixing problems throughout the system.

Building on the recommendation in their landmark report, 
Measuring up, their Food Systems programme addresses the negative environmental and social impacts of the current food system in the UK, identifying innovation and collaboration opportunities for sector actors.

Recognising the need for systems transformation, the programme is the first of many UKSSD will develop to accelerate progress towards the SDGs for 2030.

The Programme is open to new partners, to find out more please contact them. Founding partners in UKSSD’s Food System Programme are: Nestlé, the British Retail Consortium, Nando’s, BaxterStorey, the Food Ethics Council, WWF, Giki, the British Poultry Council, the RSPB, DNVGL and the Suffolk Sustainability Institute.
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