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The University of Gloucestershire has a distinguished track record in promoting sustainability thinking and practice. It was the recipient of a Green Gown Award for ‘Continuous Improvement’ (2008) and was ranked No.1 in the People and Planet Sustainability League of Universities.

Living Sustainability

University of Gloucestershire was the first English University to achieve ISO 14001 across the full range of activities including curriculum development. It has ‘green electricity’ since 1993, being the first customer of locally based Ecotricity in 1993. It has introduced solar powered pay and display machine, rainwater recycling and photo voltaic cells for electricity productions. A sustainable procurement policy and fair trade accreditation underpin its contractual arrangements.

Learning Sustainability

The University’s vision is one in which students not only learn through engaging with sustainability in the classroom but also experience it throughout its campuses. The University has set itself the ambitious target of embedding sustainability within it current course offerings and supports staff through various professional development initiatives to achieve this. A recent publication ‘Greener by Degrees’ captures the efforts of staff across the University in this area.

Public Engagement for Sustainability

The United Nations University Regional Centre of Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development which has a strong focus on public engagement for sustainability. It brings together partners from business, community, communication, education and cultural organisations.


The University’s recently established International Research Institute in Sustainability (IRIS) seeks to strengthen the Universities research activities in sustainability. IRIS has expertise in measuring progress towards sustainable development as well as in the area of leadership, governance and organizational change for sustainability. Its research work also seeks to inform professional and curriculum practice for sustainability. It offers annual PhD Studentships in these areas and opportunities for students to contribute to real change towards sustainability, through participatory inquiry, critical action research and other innovative methodologies.

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