Transformational Leadership Summit

The Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC) presents the inaugural UK delivery of the Core Business Integration of Sustainability (CBIS) Executive Programme.

This workshop was developed in partnership with Leith Sharp, Director of Executive Education for Sustainability, Harvard University Center for Health and the Global Environment. The EAUC is joining a growing network of CBIS conveners, which include The Harvard University Centre for Health and Global Environment, the US Green Building Council and the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).

The Summit took place on 25 March at the University of Leeds, alongside day 2 of the EAUC Annual Conference.

CBIS is a new way of approaching organisational change based on the real world experience of sustainability professionals. This transformational model is non-proprietary and represents over a decade of thought partnership. It is being shared through a growing number of best-in-class executive education and change leadership offerings around the world. This workshop is designed to introduce participants to the CBIS model and help them to move sustainability to the center of their organisational agenda.

Prior workshops have proven to be resounding successes as measured by the reaction of participants and the progress and excitement generated after these sessions. This workshop is one of the most popular Executive offerings at Harvard University. Next year’s summer sessions have already filled with a total of 110 senior leaders from all sectors. The EAUC believes that giving its members access to this change model will be of enormous strategic value.

This workshop will help you to unleash your organisation’s potential to integrate sustainability into the core of your business as an essential driver of change, innovation, and competitive advantage.

This new, one-day intensive session is best for senior leaders and experienced sustainability professionals. It will be Co- led by CBIS Convenors Christa Gyori, Unilever USA and Rosi Kerr, Dartmouth University, USA with special guest Leanne Denby, Macquarie University.  The session will feature case studies from Dartmouth University, USA and Macquarie University, Australia as well as examples from several other institutions. 

As a result of this inaugural workshop in the UK, delegates will have the opportunity to be part of an alumni circle to connect with peers and steer the ongoing development of the programme, within the UK and globally.
Driving sustainability into an institution’s core mission, positioning the institution to “do well by doing good” is the complex leadership challenge of the 21st century. It requires the transformation of long-standing organisational identity, culture, and processes so change, innovation and agility become possible. It requires new levels of engagement, performance, and shared purpose across the institution.

This program introduces participants to a conceptual framework that enables institutions to undertake this transformation by positioning sustainability as a solution for their organisation. This framework was recently launched and validated at an executive education program at Harvard University.

Programme design
The programme will provide engaging and relevant content along with thoughtfully designed activities to maximise peer-to-peer engagement and learning. The programme will inspire, challenge and prepare participants to rise to the critical leadership demands of core business integration of sustainability. You will leave the programme with a new understanding how you can position sustainability as a solution for your institution.

You must attend the whole programme (all 3 sessions) to fully benefit.

Learning outcome
• Gain an understanding of the CBIS framework and gain deeper understanding of your institution through the lens of this framework.
• Acquire an in-depth understanding of the implications of CBIS on governance and decision making, human resource capabilities, team performance, innovation and communications.
• Assess current levels of executive engagement in sustainability and identify pathways for deepening engagement of executives and the entire leadership system within your institution.
• Advance your own road map to embed a deep, rapid adaptive capacity for stable change across your institution.

"I wanted to become re-energized about sustainability and I have been."Harvard CBIS Executive Education Participant, June 18-20, 2014

"This experience is like a controlled substance. You can share it with some people, but not others. Very enriching, validating to my intuition, clarified my thinking, elevated my energy and expanded my vision I now perceive aspects of sustainability that hadn't occurred to me." Harvard CBIS Executive Education Participant, June 18-20, 2014
Date and Time
The Summit took place on Wednesday 25 March 2015, 9:00am-5:30pm. The Summit adjoined the EAUC Annual Conference benefiting participants with additional learning and networking opportunities as well as expert keynote speakers.

Who should attend?
The EAUC strongly encouraged lead sustainability professionals to attend. This programme is for experienced people who are taking sustainability to the executive level. Places are very limited so book early to avoid disappointment. Only those booked onto this programme can attend and participants will be expected to attend all sessions. You will also benefit from the programme being run concurrently with the EAUC Annual Conference including the plenary keynote speakers and exhibition.

As there are very limited places available on this Summit, we ask that at this early stage only one person from each institution attend. The EAUC strongly recommends that this is the lead sustainability professional.

Delivered by EAUC