Tools and guidance on how to embed sustainability into procurement

Topics covered:
Sustainable Procurement Centre of Excellence (SPCE) will present information on the role of the project within the sector and how this supports the embedding of sustainability within procurement process and practice. There will be an SPCE website demonstration specifically focusing on good practice, development opportunities and sector benchmarking tools. To finish, there will be an interactive discussion on how the sector can embed and continuously support sustainable procurement. Defra will focus on tools developed to facilitate the embedding of sustainable procurement within organisations. Firstly the prioritisation methodology which originated from the Sustainable Procurement Task Force and was developed into its current form by Defra. The tool helps organisations to focus their sustainable efforts and resources to ensure they have the largest impact.

Secondly the Government Buying Standards (GBS) have been developed to enable procurers to achieve maximum whole life cycle value for money and carbon reduction whilst managing environmental risks. Procurers can use them in the knowledge that Defra has carried out a legal review, market assessment and cost benefit analysis.

Janine Hamilton, Sustainable Procurement Centre of Excellence (SPCE) and Ian Barham, Sustainable Public Procurement (Defra)
Delivered by EAUC