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The EAUC connects Members to a range of experts who can support you, your teams and your institution to sustainable solutions and receive a 10% discount on the standard consultancy rates!

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Whether your organisation or your team needs help for a specific issue, has insufficient internal resources, or needs expert and objective advice, we are here to support you. We create practical organisational sustainable solutions. We offer a unique and bespoke service to our Members which can be through training, consultancy or advice. We will tailor our service to meet your needs. Together we can deepen your understanding of sustainability, build your capacity, capability and confidence to drive change through sustainability.

This Member service will help you:
  • Save money - Members receive an automatic 10% discount on standard rates which has already been negotiated on your behalf
  • Save time
  • Reduce risk
  • Make informed business decisions
  • Get better results
  • Identify the best way forward
  • Create opportunities
  • Solve your problems effectively, practically and with real impact
  • Gain quality objective advice

We have listened to various Education Members and procurement groups who would like help with identifying companies that provide sustainability related services instead of trying to do that themselves. We carefully selected our Sustainable Solutions - Consultancy team of experts from a public tender process. Each expert was interviewed and approved through our sustainability approval system involving a PPQ and ITT process, so we know they have robust sustainability policies in place and no environmental prosecutions for example, thus saving Education Members time in selection. Each expert is a Company Member as a condition of being included in the team of experts, so we are confident that they are here to support the sector and have the relevant experience and expertise to support our Education Members.

For more information or to speak to one of our team please contact Fiona Goodwin or 01242 714321.

Supporting Membership

Through this unique partnership the wider Membership benefits from your institution using this service. Everytime we partner an Education Member institution with our group of experts, the EAUC receives a donation from the expert, of 10% of the net value of the contract (limited to a maximum of £1,000), in return for the promotion of their services to our Members. The donation comes direct from the expert and is at no extra cost to you. As a not-for-profit charity, all donations generated from this service are ringfenced directly for tangible Education Member only resources, such as case studies and guides. So by using this support service Education Members are also helping improve services to the wider Education Membership. We will also be engaging with the Sustainable Solutions - Consultancy panel to develop free tools such as webinars, videos, case studies and guides to promote learning and sharing experiences with Education Members - this is part of the agreement with the Sustainable Solutions - Consultancy experts that they provide this free of charge for the benefit of Education Members. We will include in our annual report the impact of this service and report on the ringfenced income generated and how this benefited Education Members.

Services to meet your needs

We will listen to your needs and match your requirements to a selection of our expert consultants. Each of our expert consultants have gone through a tender process and have been vetted for their skills and knowledge. We have met with each consultant to enable us to accurately match your needs to their areas of expertise.

This service will offer you a cost and time effective solution - only EAUC Members receive the 10% discount by using this service.

Based on our foundations, we have a wide range of consultants in our pool, which have had experience with a variety of organisations in the education, private and public sectors, with many coming from the education sector.

Using our collective buying power we have pre-negotiated a 10% discount on these services to benefit our Members.

How it works

  1. An Institution approaches the EAUC with an enquiry.
  2. The EAUC and Institution will discuss your requirements and together write an outline scope of work.
  3. The EAUC will issue the scope of work to our carefully selected group of  Consultants.
  4. The EAUC provides the matched Consultant(s) with the contact details for the Institution and the Consultant(s) will make direct contact with the Institution.
  5. The Institution decides which Consultant(s) to undertake the work.
  6. The Consultant is solely responsible for the contract between the Institution and invoices direct to the Institution. All liability is the Consultant's responsibility.
  7. The EAUC follows up with the Institution and the Consultant(s) for a post consultation evaluation for quality assurance.
It is up to the Education Member to take the next step and any work undertaken is directly between the expert and the Education Member institution and would undergo any of the Education Member institution's normal procurement procedures and are under no obligation to proceed.

Supporting you

Our experts will develop the ideal sustainable solution to meet your needs. Through our experts we can offer you a range of support in a number of areas to support the whole institutional approach to sustainability. We have experts from both the Higher and Further Education sectors. Do not take our word for it - check out their testimonials from other institutions and organisations that they have worked with. Click here to find out more about our experts.

Below are some of the specialisms we can help you with:

Partnership and Engagement

Stewarding internal and external relationships that are based upon principles of meaningful partnership and are developed for mutual benefit will facilitate collaboration and cultures of innovation. These conditions are vital for change to occur and, as such, are of significant importance to sustainable development.

Leadership and Governance

Building social responsibility and sustainability into institution-wide processes and management systems, ensuring they remain strategically important and are embedded into everyday institutional practices for long-term benefit.

Learning, Teaching and Research

Realising institutions’ potential to have a significant, long-term positive impact on society through formal and informal curricula, skills training and development, knowledge transfer and research. Ensuring students are exposed to learning experiences that maximise their opportunities to graduate as sustainability-literate citizens.

Estates and Operations

Addressing sustainable development through effective environmental management. Delivering low carbon, 21st Century campuses that reflect institutions’ commitment to social responsibility and sustainability.

Contact us

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. This is not an exhaustive list of what we can offer and we are confident that we can provide you with the support you need.

For more information or to speak to one of our team please contact Fiona Goodwin or 01242 714321.
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