Sustainable packaging solutions that goes beyond cups

Euan Stirling, Communications Executive at Vegware, tells us about their recyclable packaging and universities and colleges that have embraced it:
Businesses and end-consumers today no longer simply focused on where their food has come from and where it’s going, they’re also concerned about the packaging that comes along with it. Foodservice packaging is coming under fire for the amount of hard-to-recycle waste that the industry generates.
This is especially true of single use items like coffee cups, plastic straws and polystyrene takeaway containers.
That’s why at Vegware we’re committed to making our products with plant-based materials. Not only do our products produce less carbon than plastic-based ones made from finite, oil-based resources, they’re also able to achieve a better, circular end result.
For example, the manufacturing of our coffee cups, lined with plant-based PLA, produces 72% less carbon than plastic. We make catering disposables that are low in carbon, made from renewable or recycled materials, and can be recycled along with food waste where facilities exist.
Vegware takes its producer responsibility seriously, which is why we also want to ensure our products are disposed of properly. Our Environmental team has over a decade of experience in delivering food and packaging waste recycling solutions. They help foodservice providers close the loop and join the circular economy and provide support every step of the way.
We worked with the University of Cambridge recently to help them make their catering more sustainable. By switching to Vegware they were able to save 1.5 tonnes of carbon per month through recycling all of their food waste and Vegware packaging together. How did they manage to do this? As well as using our compostable packaging, we delivered clear bin signage, staff training and engagement with students. Watch our video to find out more.
More recently, we visited Dundee and Angus College to see how they dispose of their Vegware packaging. On-site composting provided an ideal solution for them to take control of their food waste, reducing packaging in canteens, and move away from plastics in foodservice. Their circular waste approach starts with gathering food waste and Vegware packaging and then shredding that through a macerator, from here it’s combined with green waste and woodchips inside their on-site composter. Fast forward two weeks and this waste has been transformed into fresh compost for the college’s gardeners to use. Check out how it works here.
For more information on how Vegware could help your business, university or school become more sustainable, get in touch.

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